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Make money ideas, Jobs For Kids, business ideas for kids and teenagers.
Jobs for kids, all kids should know how to make money. Although the focus of this resource is to help kids and teenagers explore their entrepreneurial spirit, remember that they do need a parent's hand to get them started. If you start looking around, what do people need done that they don’t have the time to do. Can you help them by doing these chores for them, and get paid for it. If you really want to make money, there is always a way, don’t be put off if at first you get rejected, always keep on going. Here are some quick and simple ideas to get your brain ticking;  But remember safety first.

Baking, Craft, Elderly Care and sitter, Face Painting, House Care, Kid Care, Pet Care, Yard Care, is there a local mum with toddlers, who would love you to do an arts and craft session with her tot as she struggles with time, but wants her child to have the experience, and Online Money. Remember safety checks.

And Jobs for Teenagers

Lifeguard Jobs ( need to check qualifications), Delivering Newspapers and Summer Camp Jobs.

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Kids Make Money Ideas
Kids Making Money Online Ideas. Read my story, of how my 2 Sons and me earned a whopping £100 for less than 1 hour of our time.

Make Money Ideas Jobs For Teens, A Good Or A Bad Thing? 

I know, I know what has Teens got to do with Toddlers? Well its all to do with attitudes to work, money and experences, which have to be installed at a young age. For example, "look at your older cousin, he wants to be a..."" He has bought himself new clothes with money he has made"

Jobs for teens. Is it good for children to start working so young? Or should they be at home doing their homework and revising for their exams!

Teens spend so much time online, why not see if they could convert their efforts into website building.

I believe that having a part time job is a very good way for children to start understanding money, being responsible, having respect for others and start to see the real world. Some children think of their parents as The Money Shop, just go up to them and ask for money, and there it is handed on a plate.

Do you think these children will learn the value of money, when they don’t have to do anything, or even think where it comes from? Surely it would make more sense for your teenager to make mistakes with their own small bit of money, rather than when they are older, with big amounts of money. Of course their schoolwork is very important, but a good balance of both schoolwork and real work, will help your teenager learn important life skills.

So… Where do they go to find jobs for teens? Check the newspaper help wanted ads. Walk around town or mall and look for help wanted signs in store windows. Post flyers, with information on what services you are willing to offer, such as.... Baby sitting, house cleaning, gardening and so on.

What type of jobs will a teenager get?

Jobs for young Teens...

  • Babysitting, 
  • elderly sitting,  
  • Pet Sitting/dog walking 
  • Lawn and Yard Work 
  • Household Chores/Cleaning Errands

Typical Teen Jobs...

  • Camp Counsellor 
  • Cashier 
  • Child Care Assistant 
  • City or Town Summer Jobs Program 
  • Fast Food or Restaurant 
  • Hospitality – Hotels, Resorts 
  • Lawn? Yard Maintenance 
  • Lifeguard 
  • Retail 
  • Resort Jobs – Ski Resort, Amusement Park

When your teenager starts looking for a summer job, give them a bit of your time, as finding a job is never easy and when you’ve never done it before, it can be very disheartening.

Make money ideas, money and Teenagers

First things is creating a really good CV, this is your teenagers first chance to really stand out. The key to success is adapting the CV so that it is clear, concise and that is stands out. Try to remind your child that they may not get the first job and that employers may receive hundreds of Cvs for a particular job. So spending a lot of time getting the CV right is very important. Visit this page for more ideas on Kids and Money

For Make Money Ideas, Get Your Child To Help You Ready Items To Sell On Ebay

Kids Investing
Reaching Their Financial Goals

Children need to understand how money grows and that investing is a way to make money with money. First, you have to earn money. As a kid, you get money from allowance, gifts, service or from selling goods such as lemonade. By kids investing, you start them on a habit, which could guarantee their future. Encourage them to save half the money they get, and leave the money in a high interest account, the bank will give a small amount of money back, for leaving money in their account.  

For Toddlers, keep the goal short term. Save for an icecream on holiday, rather than its for University! .....But I want Lego...

For more about make money ideas for your kids, read my story.

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