When I Get Angry With My Toddler

'What can I do when I get angry with my toddler?'

This page will help you if you find that you are asking yourself this again and again. How to stay calm has some preventative strategies that you will find very useful.

Young children, by their nature (a) are completely self-centered, and (b) don't understand others' needs.

This can make life very stressful, especially after the birth of a new baby.

Accept offers of help, don't be a martyr to the best parent in the whole world crown. It will just bring you down.

Sometimes you just need to stand back and see what is causing the fuss.

I Try So Hard Not To Get Angry

We all blow our top from time to time. Here are some tips to help when you lose your temper:

The first thing to do is to say sorry immediately. You have to let your toddler know that it is not acceptable to be angry, otherwise they will just copy you.

Make it short and underplay it. Lengthy explanations of how tired you are are meaningless to your toddler.

Make up for your mistake with a cuddle and some positive comments.

Follow this by distracting your toddler, and so move the situation on as soon as possible. Showing the child that you can solve the problem and be upbeat about it gives him the skills to do it himself.

Never Do This

Guilt-trip treats such as chocolate and toys are a complete no no! Positive, loving attention is what your child needs when you have shouted at her.

Sweets or a toy can be turned against you in the future.

DO NOT underestimate the manipulative powers of your average toddler. Once she works out that any parenting mistakes are followed by a visit to the shop, she will work this to her advantage. Again and again.

How To Stop Toddler Induced Rage Next Time

When you have calmed down, work out what you could have done differently to avoid losing your temper. How to stay calm has some good practical advice on this.

Treat this as a learning experience, not a chance to beat yourself up about it.

As she is growing up, your child will learn how to cope with her mistakes better if you look at your own ones as golden opportunities for change.

A Little Story

My Son, for some reason got a real bee in his bonnet about putting on his night clothes.

Next day the same problem, maybe he just didn't want his day to end, I really do no know.


On day 3, I did not wait to see if there was going to be an issue, I wanted to break the cycle.

So the rest of the Family including me, (excluding my toddler) went and changed into our night clothes, leaving my youngest out. Making it a fun thing to do, and my toddler then wanted to do the same.


Well success for a day, He seemed to find lots of bees in his bonnet, but that is just the way it goes.

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